TT(5): DESIS Philosophy Talk #6.4 Regenerating Democracy: a Design Contribution

Virginia Tassinari; Liesbeth Huybrechts; Ezio Manzini

Tuesday 21 August 2018
morning – half day
LUCA School of Arts, Campus C-mine 5, Genk

This workshop – framed in the context of the DESIS Philosophy Talks – aims to provide insight in and research collaboratively with the participants how Hannah Arendt’s philosophy can contribute to the discussion about ‘Participatory Design and Democracy’. It addresses and discusses how Arendt’s understanding of democracy can support design research in questioning if and how far PD is currently regenerating the democratic discourse in local and international contexts.

The current discourse in design research and, particularly, PD research that has been working in a participatory way on common issues in given local contexts, has developed an enhanced focus on rethinking democracy. To reflect on the role of responsibility of designers in a time where democracy in its various forms is often put at risk in many ways – i.e. the topic of pur workshop – seems to us an urgent matter.

The workshop is intended for design researchers working in the field of design and democracy, willing to actively engage in a conversation on if and how their practices can be considered as activities regenerating democracy.



Contact: (Virginia Tassinari)