Local participation session

Tuesday 21st of August
14:00 – 17:00
LUCA School of Arts, Campus C-mine, Genk

The Participatory Design Conference (PDC) 2018 is looking for conference attendees to think/work with local communities with their issues of participation during one afternoon. On Tuesday 21st of August (14-17h) , we will organise a ‘Local Participation Session’ in which two local organisations will present their project and related participation issues they are currently dealing with.

The selected local projects/organisations are:

Organisers: Dirk Habils (Stad Genk), Petra Pferdmenges (Alive Architecture), Nik Baerten and Virginia Tassinari (Pantopicon), Liesbeth Huybrechts (UHasselt)
La Biomista

La Biomista is a city development project, which is integrated in the former mining district of Zwartberg (Genk),  and a collaboration between the city of Genk and the internationally renowned artist Koen Vanmechelen.  The elaboration of La Biomista will bring a new dynamic in the neighbourhood and hopefully will generate a positive effect on the social economic development of the Koning Boudewijnlaan (former shoppingstreet in decline). During this session we want to reflect on the way inhabitants can be involved/challenged in this process of social economical revaluation  After a short introduction of and confrontation of insights from the La Biomista and the ParckFarm case , we will engage participants hands-on with one challenge in detail – in this case La Biomista site – by means of the LABkit, a discussion tool designed to enable multiple stakeholders to lay the groundwork for an urban lab together, will be utilised to both raise questions and explore potential answers.

Organisers: Carolien Schalenbourg and Geert Derwael (‘t Sjokkepoeike)
t Sjokkepoeike

‘t Sjokkepoeike (swing horse) is a small day-care center with parental participation in Hasselt, founded in 1976 on the initiative of a number of parents who were dissatisfied with the care of children at that time. Although parental participation is a key issue of the crèche, quite a few thresholds hinder this participative approach. Some key questions that will be discussed: how to get parents to participate more actively; how to convey the participatory vision of ‘t Sjokkepoeike; how to involve vulnerable families, etc.

If would like to discuss/work with one of the above mentioned projects, please send a mail with the project of your choice before July 15, 2018 to participation@pdc2018.org. Notification of acceptance: end July, 2018.

Katrien Dreessen, Andrew Vande Moere and Antonella De Angeli
Participation chairs PDC 2018