Student projects

Student projects

For the first time the Participatory Design Conference invited students to share what is happening in our schools, art, and research institutions. We received 28 submissions from bachelor, master and PhD students. The 12 selected projects will be shown in the Old Prison during the conference (23 – 24 August) and on postcards that can be taken along.

We hope these student projects can trigger a lively discussion on social media by using #studentsPDC18.

Chairs: Jessica Schoffelen, Nicolai Brodersen Hansen, Maarten van Mechelen, and Teresa Palmieri

Student projects

Juan Carlos Carvajal Bermúdez

Affiliation: AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, AT


Seray Ibrahim
Designing communication technologies for and with children who have severe speech and physical impairments

Affiliation: UCL Knowledge Lab, University College London, UK | @serayibrahim


Emilija Veselova
Bioinclusive Ethic and Collaborative Design: Implication for Research and Practice

Affiliation: Aalto University, FI


Hajira Qazi
Power & Participation

Affiliation: Carnegie Mellon University, US


Linjie Li, Anna Hydén, Clémence Couchot, Maddalena Aliprandi
The City of Possibilities

Affiliation: University of Gothenburg, SE 


Aiko Monoi, Hiromi Kimoto, Hinako Kawai, Kae Hirose, Daijiro Mizuno
Designing alternative disability employment system through usage of digital fabrication machines in Japanese welfare facilities

Affiliation: Keio University, JP 


Maria Murray, Dr. Nadia Pantidi, Dr. Trevor Hogan
An investigation into the role of digital technologies in creative placemaking with the aim of supporting community resilience in rapidly developing rural communities

Affiliation: University College Cork, IE


Krishna Thiruvengadam Rajagopal 
Brining Children to the forefront of Social Innovation

Affiliation: TU Delft, NL


Victoria Eugenia Sarria Paz 
Invisible workers

Affiliation: Freelance SE, HDK, University of Gothenburg, SE


Carolyn Marie Wegner, Iris Ritsma, Minh Huy Dang 
A companion towards independence

Affiliation: Umea Institute of Design, SE


Anna Maria Pohl, Pawel Jaworski, Lukasz Harat, Anna Kopaczewska 
Designing for identity. A shared space for a diverse community

Affiliation: Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, PL


Andrea Wilkinson and Niels Hendriks 
Designing for One; Designing the Personal, Genk, Belgium

Affiliation: LUCA School of Arts, Campus C-Mine, BE


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