Situated Actions

maximum 2 pages text with 2 pages optional images or plans; or 5 minutes audio/video

all submissions should be made via the PDC 2018 Conference System, using the ACM recommended templates (see submission instructions).

important dates:

In collaboration with art centre Z33 and the city of Hasselt we extend the conference theme of PD and politics. We are retooling the former interactive exhibitions format to one that incorporates public space in the city of Hasselt, imbricating the conference with the urban community. Situated actions may encompass PD-inspired exhibitions, performances, interventions, workshops, public debates, or other highly interactive engagements. They can be public representations of research, or new participatory encounters designed for Hasselt citizens, conference attendees, or a mixture of both. Projects will be presented on the first evening of the conference in lightning 5 minute introductions to all conference attendees, who will later be able to register for two different 30-minute situated action sessions during the following days of the conference.

Proposals should include a description (2 pages) of the situated action, including any plans or images (2 pages), its relation to PD, and specific requirements for realization of the situated action. Alternatively, audio or video files describing the project may be submitted. Each submitted project, case, demo, and/or design/art work will be peer reviewed for applicability to the PD community, and (once accepted) undergo a process of curation into the situated action format. Those submissions that address or explore the conference theme will be favored in the selection process. The conference will introduce the project leaders of accepted projects to local contacts who can help to understand Hasselt’s past, present, and the impending political moment; provide suggestions for possible venues; and assist with pre-conference logistics. Additionally, a longer-duration exhibition space is available for “traces” of the Actions or parallel installations. This exhibition space, the Hasselt Beguinage, is the historic site of a 750 year old intentional community and will serve as an alternative venue during the main conference.  

Contact: Brendon Clark, Chris Csikszentmihályi, and Jan Boelen

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