Artful Integrators Award

Wednesday 22nd of August
18:00 – 21:00
Z33, Hasselt

The eighth Artful Integrators Award will be presented at PDC 2018 in Hasselt/Genk, Belgium. The Award is intended to recognize outstanding achievement in the area of participatory design of information and communications technologies. Where traditional design awards have gone to individual designers and singular objects, the Artful Integrators Award emphasizes the importance of collaborative participation in design, and a view of good design as the effective alignment of diverse collections of people, practices and artifacts. The award will go to a group of people who together have worked out, in an exceptionally creative way, new forms of participation in design. While no single element of a design might be particularly extraordinary in itself, the combination of design processes and resulting possibilities will be.

Previous Awardees

The first Artful Integrators Award was presented at PDC 2004 to the Global Fund for Women for their ongoing grant-making infrastructure development.

The second Artful Integrators Award was presented at PDC 2006 to the Health Information Systems Programme (HISP) initiative, for promoting participatory design within an on-going international research & development collaboration in health information systems for public health and higher education.

The third Artful Integrators Award was presented at PDC 2008 to the ACTION for Health initiative, for its commitment to the integration of research with health system design and development, through an extensive and continuous network of research partnerships.

The fourth Artful Integrators Award was presented at PDC 2010 to the Teaching from Country Project designed to support distance education in reverse by Aboriginal Yoljnu knowledge authorities.

The fifth Artful Integrators Award was presented at PDC 2012 to Siida: Playing the past, battling for the future, for the participatory design of a multiplayer online game based in Saami/The High North, with the intention to promote justice for indigenous people and their places.

The sixth Artful Integrators Award was presented at PDC 2014 to two awardees, namely GRACE and RLABS. The Gender Research in Africa into ICTs for Empowerment (GRACE) Network has demonstrated its commitment to research-based intervention approaching gender-based injustice with the aim of prevention, attempting to engage root causes rather than only remediation. The Reconstructed Living Labs (RLabs), a community based initiative has dedicated their efforts to reconstruct the lives, livelihoods, and possibilities for flourishing of youth, through their involvement in learning about, and involving others in, the transformative use of ICT.

The seventh Artful Integrators Award was present to Malmö Living Labs for its efforts to democratize innovation in the areas of sustainable urban development, social innovation, and design.


Selection Procedure

The Awards Committee members of 2018 consists of previous awardees representatives and chairs as wel as members of the PDC community. The received nominations are evaluated to reach a consensus regarding the awardee for 2018.

Chair: Jeffrey Bardzell,

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