Interactive Workshops and Tutorials

important dates:

  • 18 May 2018: Camera-ready versions of workshop proposals
  • 25 May 2018: Notification of acceptance to workshop participants

The PDC 2018 Interactive Workshops and Tutorials cover an exciting range of half-day or full-day sessions on topics that include reflections, methods, practices, and other areas of interest related to Participatory Design (PD). PDC 2018 features thirteen workshops and/or tutorials that support interactive or innovative formats for active participation and lively debate, going beyond a presentation format.

The 13 workshops and tutorials can be roughly divided in four main themes related to either PD in general or this year’s PDC theme:
1. Democracy & participatory design (subdivided into inclusion, governance, and democracy in general)
2. Participatory design processes  (infrastructuring, data literacy, identification)
3. Urban participation
4. Future Issues of participatory design

Democracy and PD

Participatory design processes

Future Issues in PD

Urban Participation