WS(2): Co-creating Universal Design hotel rooms

Anouk Tuinstra; Fien Van Den Abeele; Annemie Spooren; Jan Vanrie

Monday 20 August 2018
morning – half day
UD Woonlabo, Guffenslaan 39, Hasselt

The workshop has both an educational goal and a research ambition. The primary goal is to increase the awareness and knowledge of Universal Design (UD) in general and the importance and relevance of UD on the issue of accessible tourism in particular. The secondary goal is to use this workshop as a research method to study and collect data on the actual topic of the workshop, i.e., the design of a UD hotel room.

The design paradigm UD has an explicitly democratic ambition. We combine the UD approach with a more PD-perspective, to touch upon some of the challenges with regard to the interconnected relations between policy makers, designers, and the diversity of users in this respect (e.g., the tension between accessibility legislation and design practice, incl. the crucial role of policy makers, or the power relation between design professional and expert-users).

The workshop is open for everyone interested in this topic (preferably a diversity of disciplines). The attendeed must be open to some preparatory work (assignment) prior to the workshop.



Contact: (Anouk Tuinstra)