Camera-ready Guidelines

all submissions should be made via the PDC 2018 Conference System

Please note that the ACM templates have changed recently. The ACM resource link provides you with an archive of the full catalogue of ACM templates. The template used for PDC’18 is the ACM_SigConf sample file. It is very important that you prepare your camera ready version in line with the ACM instructions. You can use both Latex and MS Word. If you experience problems doing this in MS Word we suggest you to follow these steps:

  1. Download and open the zipfile from the ACM resource link:
  2. Install all fonts included in the ZIP file. A simple way to do this is to save the templates at your desktop. Open the template in MS Word, choose ‘tools’ in your menu, select ‘Templates and Add-ins’, select the ACM dotm and save. A panel of headers, links etc. will appear and you are ready to format your paper.
  3. Remove the following contents: i) the subtitle “Extended Abstract” and ii) all headers.
  4. Add CCS Concepts:
  5. Under ‘ACM Reference format:’ You will receive a copyright text from ACM when you have signed the copyright agreement. Insert this text in the copyright text.
  6. Submit your camera-ready version in pdf and in MS Word/LaTeX format.
  7. If you create the pdf on a Windows platform you must ‘include fonts’. This happens automatically if you work on a Mac computer.
  8. Make sure to list the corresponding author. It is important that the corresponding author is available for correspondence in case of issues with the paper layout in the period May 20th – July 2nd.

We are aware of the issues some you are facing with regards to the new ACM format. The following are known issues with the template, please try to adhere to these instructions:

  1. References: Cf. the ACM template you will need to use “numbered” referencing in the new format. Please ensure that the references appear by order of appearance.
  2. Footnote Issue: ACM now uses a Footnote for copyright notice, instead of a textbox. We suggest that you do not remove the footnote (placed in the Abstract), as removing it will create issues with your copyright notice. If your footnote spreads across both columns, you must check that you have installed the template in Word. If this is still a problem you can save your document as Word 97-2004 (.DOC). This should restrict the footnote to one column only. If not, continue by going to options, advanced, footnote layout, and adjust the setting.
  3. Font size for long and short papers: the font size for the main text is 9pt (Linux Libertine). The font size for the paper title is 17 (Linux Biolinum). (Unfortunately, the ACM ACM_SigChi.docx templates for Windows and Mac were inconsistent.)

As a last note, if you are not going Open Access with your paper (ACM author-pays option), then select the option in ACM Rights Management that refers to “Authors who prefer to retain copyright of their work can sign an exclusive licensing agreement, which gives ACM the right but not the obligation to defend the work against improper use by third parties.” That will allow you to spread the paper more widely and the paper to be properly indexed on the website

If you have faced any other issues, please let us know.

Publication chairs: Anne Marie Kanstrup and Keld Bødker,