WS(3): Codesigning with public partners: Controversies and agonism

Signe Louise Yndigegn; Lone Malmborg; Eva Brandt

Monday 20 August 2018
full day
LUCA School of Arts, Campus C-mine 5, Genk

Many public actors are entering codesign projects as a way of engaging citizens in innovation projects. In this workshop we will explore and critically reflect on the researchers and public partners challenges in navigating controversies and agonism caused by different political agendas and opinions among the participants. Based on this, the idea is to outline constructive approaches on how to navigate in such collaborations aiming at doing projects as democratic processes.

The interactive workshop is well aligned with the PDC2018 theme of Participatory Design, Politics and Democracy, as questions related to the role of participatory design researchers in dealing with controversies of the PD processes in the emerging political landscape of public service provision are in the core of the workshop.

This workshop wants to attract PD researchers and professionals from public sector like departments and other units in county and city councils, municipalities, hospitals etc. with experiences in collaborative design projects with citizens, researchers and public partners.



Contact: (Signe Louise Yndigegn)