WS(7): Infrastructuring in PD: What does infrastructuring look like? When does it look like that?

Helena Karasti; Karen Baker; Andrea Botero; Elena Parmiggiani; Joanna Saad-Sulonen; Sanna Marttila; Hanne Geribo

Monday 20 August 2018
full day
LUCA School of Arts, Campus C-mine 5, Genk

This workshop takes stock of empirical insights and conceptual developments around the notions of infrastructure and infrastructuring. We propose that by leveraging the original relational nature of these concepts, we can revitalize the political soul of PD. During the workshop we will collectively and critically map assumptions, identify blind spots and outline new research opportunities, thereby charting the possibilities and limitations of a politically sensitive infrastructuring approach in PD.

Underlying the relational concept of infrastructuring is a political perspective that speaks directly to the soul of PD, as infrastructuring constantly shapes power relations [Beck 2002, Star and Bowker 2002]. The aim of this workshop is to promote a political sensitivity to the study of, engagement with, intervention into and design for infrastructuring processes in PD. How can we characterize and engage with the politics of participation associated with infrastructuring processes?

We expect participants from a broad range of domains (PD, STS, CSCW and related fields), with an interest in infrastructuring from multiple perspectives. While deep expertise is not required, familiarity with the basic concepts is advisable.



Contact: (Andrea Botero)