WS(10): PD Manifesto for AI Futures

Loi, Daria; Lodato, Thomas; Wolf, Christine T.; Arar, Raphael; Blomberg, Jeanette

This workshop aims at identifying the roles that participatory design could play in the design of Artificially Intelligent systems. The workshop provides a reflective and hands-on context to debate, prototype, and develop the place of participatory design in the creation of AI and intelligent systems.

While AI will increasingly populate the global landscape, there are a number of unaddressed social, behavioral, political, decisional, and moral questions. AI systems are in desperate need for ethical and design guidelines. While AI has greatly evolved from a technical point of view, it is in its infancy as far as ethics and design process goes. The challenge of AI is, therefore, not only a technical one, it is first and foremost a social, cultural, political, and ethical one.

This workshop is intended for practitioners and researchers interested in exploring PD approaches, tools and guidelines that should ground the design of intelligent systems.


Monday 20 August 2018 (full day), Genk


Contact: (Daria Loi)